BK04M’s medium-sized knife


The BK04M’s medium-sized knife is slightly upgraded than BK-04 from the BPS Knives company with leather sheaths, namely, an improved handle design. The knife of the tourist knife is made more ergonomic, it is better in the hand and looks brutal. Knife with Leather sheath perfectly fit into a backpack or bag, does not take up much space and at the right moment will always be at hand. Travel knife with knives BPS Knives BK04 is not afraid of moisture and damp, it can be used in the forest, fishing, hiking and picnics. The blade made of stainless steel 50Х14МФ (5Cr14MoV) is well-resistant to moisture and is easy to repair. The handle is made of walnut, impregnated with linseed oil, covered with natural beeswax and polished. Keep it clean, clean it after use and wipe it dry, it will help keep the travel knife BK04 in working condition. After using the knife, trim the cutting edge on the skin with a polish paste or diamond stone, remember, it’s always easier to hurt a dull knife than a sharp one. The sheats are made of genuine leather (4 mm thick), stitched with strong threads and secured with rivets.

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