Knife of the average sizes BK04


The tourist knife of the average sizes BK04 will suit fans of campaigns, fishermen and mushroom pickers. The tourist’s knife fits perfectly in a backpack or bag, does not take up much space and is always at hand at the right moment. Tourist knife BPS Knives BK04 is not afraid of moisture and damp, it can be used in the woods, fishing, hiking and picnic. The blade is made of stainless steel 50H14MF (5Cr14MoV) resists moisture well and is easy to sharpened. The handle is made of walnut wood, covered with linseed oil, covered with natural beeswax and polished. Keep the knife clean, wash it after use and dry it, this will help keep the hiking knife BK04 in working condition. After using the knife, correct the cutting edge on the skin with a polishing paste or on a diamond stone, remember, it is always easier to get hurt with a blunt knife than a sharp one.

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