Kitchen knives vary greatly in price, design, steel quality and durability. You can buy a handmade bushcraft knife for a dollar at a store with great discounts, or spend up to $1,000 on a single knife made by a leading cutlery designer and manufacturer.

Some forged knives, such as those with fixed blades, are made from a single piece of steel, heated in a forge, and then they are shaped. Other forged knives are more complex because they are made from a combination of different steels, folded, twisted and hammered to create damascened steel. Some experts and knife owners have long considered forged knives to be higher quality blades because of how carefully they are made and the craftsmanship involved, but it all comes down to the “feel” of the knife and what is right for you.


As you might expect, if you buy forged knives, you get a blade that few or no other people have. This is because most manufacturers of custom knives sell handmade knives. Given the time it takes to make a knife by hand, a manufacturer simply can’t fabricate his knives en masse. Most custom manufacturers produce only a few hundred blades or less per year, which means that a fairly limited number are available to the potential buyer. In turn, this is a huge advantage because you will be the only owner of such unique handmade knives.

Attention to details

Custom-made knives can afford the luxury of receiving personal attention from the manufacturer, unlike mass-produced knives. In this way, every feature can be perfected to the customer’s taste. Such an advantage combines all the functional elements of the blade, artistic features and embellishments that are not often available with production knives. This can include anything from custom knife logo engraving to unusual plating options such as tool leather. Most custom knife maker don’t even think about getting into the business of making personalized versions of their knives because there simply isn’t enough money for that.


Taking your wishes into account

One of the biggest advantages of using custom manufacturing is that you decide for yourself what kind of design your future knife will have. You can choose: 

  • type of steel;
  • shape of the knife; 
  • blade profile; 
  • type of blade sharpening; 
  • handle material; 
  • color; 
  • finish, etc.  

In any case, the customer has the last word. In the end, you can get handmade kitchen knives that fit your needs perfectly.

If you want to make an individual order according to your design – we will be happy to fulfill it. We accept individual orders from 100 units. For all the details, please contact us at

Small business support

Buying handmade camping knives gives you the opportunity to support a small business. It is important to understand that such manufacturers do not make millions of dollars a year. They make knives because they enjoy it. So, it’s always nice to support another person’s passion, especially when you can demonstrate some of his work. 

It often gives the added benefit of having the support of someone local in your community, which is an enjoyable process because it allows you to personally connect face-to-face with the person creating your tool. Don’t forget that sometimes the journey and story is just as good as the product itself!