SH06 Leather Sheath


Leather sheath
Belt clip: yes
Width: 55 mm / 2,17 inches
Length with belt clip: 300 mm / 11,8 inches
Length: 220 mm / 8,66 inches
Weight: 80 grams / 2,8 oz.

Product description

Leather sheath for fixed blade knives. Sheath is fixed on the free suspension. This makes it easy to use – during bending and moving it will hang freely on the belt and will not hinder from movement. There is also a possibility of fixed suspension of the sheath on the belt.

This sheath made of genuine leather, glued and stitched with strong nylon thread. Leather thickness – 3 mm. An additional insert under the wedge allows you not to cut through them with the sharpened part of the blade. The sheath fits perfectly for BK06 type knives from our workshop.


  • length with belt clip – 300 mm (11,8 inches)
  • length – 220 mm (8,66 inches)
  • width – 55 mm (2,17 inches)
  • weight – 80 grams (2,8 oz)


Please keep the sheath dry and clean. This will help protect your knife from damage and corrosion.