B1 Camping knife



Total length: 9,05 inches (230 mm)
Blade length: 4,33 inches (110 mm)
Blade thickness: 0,1 inches (3 mm)
Handle length: 4,7 inches (120 mm)
Weight without sheath: 4,9 oz (140 g)
Weight with sheath: 8,8 oz (250 g)



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Product description

Reminding Ray Mears Bushlore knives, the B1 outdoor knife design will impress. These knives are designed for the most challenging outdoor activities. Whether you are a hunter, camper, hiker, or just someone who loves the outdoors, having a bushcraft knife in your pocket can be handy. 

No matter what purpose you need your knife to serve on your next outdoor adventure, consider getting yourself a B1 knife — you won’t regret it!

What Makes a B1 Knife Special? 

These knives are made from high-quality steel designed to withstand any condition. The blades of these knives tend to be longer than other types of knives, making them perfect for easily cutting through wood and rope. 

This type of knife’s versatility makes it stand out from other types of blades. You can use it for tasks such as skinning game, gutting fish, whittling wood into shapes, or even general campfire tasks like slicing cheese or opening cans. Plus, since all BPS Knives are made from durable steel, they will not easily bend or break over time like other knives. 

Not Just For Hunters and Campers! 

The beauty of owning a B1 knife is that it can be used by anyone — not just hunters and campers! In addition to being able to complete various outdoor tasks easily, these knives also make excellent everyday carry items. 

Since they are lightweight and have an ergonomic handle design, they fit comfortably in your pocket without weighing you down throughout the day. So whether you need something for hunting trips or just want something sharp and reliable for everyday use, a B1 knife fits both needs perfectly! 

And since the B1 knife is lightweight and comfortable to carry around all day long, it makes an excellent choice as an EDC item too! 

Blade Type

This type of blade is designed with durability in mind, so it won’t let you down, no matter how tough the job might be. Scandi (Scandinavian style) bevel makes it easy to work with wood of any hardness level and with different temperatures. The knife comes with a leather sheath on a free suspension.

Handle Construction

The handle is ergonomically designed, allowing for better grip and control when using the knife. The handle of the knife is made of walnut wood, covered with Danish oil, which makes this camping knife resistant to moisture and dirt. The handle is attached with Corby fasteners, so it can be easily unscrewed to clean the knife.

Blade material: Carbon Steel (B1 CSH)

Carbon steel knife blades offer durability, longevity, and sharpness that outdoes all other blade materials conventional knives are made with. Using carbon steel, a blade will hold its sharp edge longer than stainless steel blades, perfect for those whittling vegetables or thinly slicing pieces of meat. This material won’t peel or chip easily, meaning your knife will stay sharper for longer and stand up to even tougher tasks. The tempered nature of the material and its resistance to rust make it a top choice for those looking for an appropriate indoor and outdoor cutting tool.

The blade is made of 1066 carbon steel, hardened to 57-59 HRC. It should be washed and wiped dry after use to protect your knife from corrosion.

Blade Material: Stainless Steel (B1 SSH)

Stainless steel makes this knife highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and oxidation, ensuring your blade remains sharp even after extensive use and washing. The material is also very long-lasting and cost-effective since you won’t have to replace it as often as other materials — saving you money in the long run. In addition, its “non-stick” qualities make cleaning a breeze — just a little soap and water is all it takes!  

Product Details:

  • The knife comes with a beautifully designed leather sheath
  • Length: 230 cm
  • Blade length: 110 cm 
  • Handle length: 120 cm
  • Weight: 160 g (carbon steel), 150 g (stainless steel)
  • Bevel type: Scandinavian
  • Warning! Do not use the knife to harm people or animals intentionally.
  • You can buy this knife if you are of legal age!

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