BS2FT CSH Camping knife


Blade:   carbon steel 1066
Hardness, HRC:   57-59
Total length:   230 mm / 9,1 inches
Blade length:   110 mm / 4,33 inches
Blade thickness:  2,7 mm / 0,09 inches
Weight:   140 grams / 4,9 oz
Handle:   walnut wood
Handle length:   120 mm / 4,7 inches
Origin:   Ukraine
Carry system:   sheath included

Product description

Camping knife BS2FT CSH is full-sized knife for everyday wear as well as for hiking, bushkraft and forest adventure. This bushkraft knife has average size, however high durability and can withstand large loads due to the construction and thickness of the back. With BS2FT CSH knife you will easily do the camp work, chop small logs and cut branches.

The blade is made of 1066 carbon steel, hardened to 57-59 HRC. Sharpening type – Scandi grind – makes it easy to work with wood of any level of hardness and at different temperatures. The knife comes with a leather sheath with a rigid suspension.

Since the blade of the camping knife BS2FT CSH is made of carbon steel, it should be washed well and wiped dry after use, this will protect your knife from corrosion.

The handle of the knife is made of walnut wood, covered with Danish oil, making this camping knife not to be afraid of moisture and dirt. Handle is fixed with cable ties, it can be easily unscrewed in order to clean the knife. Also, this knife model can be easily and quickly customized.


  • total length – 230 mm (9,05 inches)
  • blade length – 110 mm (4,33 inches)
  • blade width – 22 mm (0,87 inch)
  • blade thickness – 2,7 mm (0,1 inches)
  • handle length – 120 mm (4,7 inches)
  • weigth witout sheath – 140 grams (4,9 oz)
  • weigth with sheath – 225 grams (7,9 oz)


Do not use the knife to attack or willful damage to people or animals.

You can buy this knife if you are over 18 years old !!!