So, carbon and stainless steel – which is better: carbon or stainless steel knives?

Before you buy cutlery, you need to think about the material of the knife and the purpose for which you need it. The choice of material is often limited to the following “confrontation” – stainless steel vs high carbon steel knives.

It is carbon steel that is most often used in forging knives. However, it is difficult to name the best type of steel unequivocally. The same carbon metal with fine grains in its structure can be sharpened quickly, but it can easily corrode.

Powder metallurgy blades (no matter which one is preferred – stainless steel vs carbon steel knife) have excellent cutting properties, but it is almost impossible to process (sharpen) the cutting part. Chemical additives can significantly change the composition of the metal. The best characteristics can be achieved by quality heat treatment of the body of the carbon vs stainless steel knife. Different manufacturers have their own ” branded” heat treatment.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel is a metal that contains carbon and iron. Metallic carbon is the main element – its percentage in the metal helps define the carbon steel classification system. The presence of carbon in steel contributes to the durability of the metal.

Carbon steel is primarily used in the development of building materials, strong steel wire, and major automotive components. Like any steel, it may also contain other alloys:

  • chromium;
  • silicon;
  • nickel;
  • vanadium.

However, these additives are quite rare and their percentage is insignificant. If you decide to choose knife carbon steel vs stainless, you need to know – the higher is the carbon content, the denser and more brittle is the steel. However, an alloy with a lower carbon content offers a stronger and more flexible metal.

But that’s not all. Adding extra compounds such as nickel or chromium increases corrosion resistance and gives the product hardness and durability. So, when choosing carbon steel vs stainless steel knives, you also need to know what other metals are in the product.

Carbon steel has a brushed surface, higher tensile strength and is much harder than stainless steel. Without a doubt, this kind of material is one of the best for a knife blade.
Such a knife is almost indestructible, even when used to cut food on metal or natural stone surfaces. It can easily be sharpened to a superior cutting edge with a sharpener or other honing tools. High-carbon steel keeps sharpening well, even with repeated use.

Our carbon steel knives are quite durable, hold their shape very well and withstand abrasions. Examples of excellent knives made of this material can be found in our catalog:

Camping knife Adventurer CSHF.
Camping knife BS2FT CSH.
Bushcraft knife HK5 CSH.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a good alternative to high carbon steel because it is very durable and knives made from this material retain razor sharpness. As for the stainless steel knife vs carbon steel comparison, stainless steel has the advantage of being resistant to the stains created by chrome. Many high-end knives are made from this material and when considering a high carbon vs stainless steel knife, many users prefer it.

The term “stainless steel” is often used today, so it can be difficult to know if it really is stainless steel. But its main obvious sign is its shine due to its high chromium content, which makes it very resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel knives are usually a combination of high-carbon steel and contain 11% to 17% of chromium.

The most important characteristic is that such steel never oxidizes or rusts like other iron and steel products. This means that stainless steel lasts longer and works better in humid environments. Keep this in mind when choosing a stainless vs carbon steel knife. The knives in our catalog prove it:

Camping knife BS1FT.
Camping knife BK06.
Hunting knife HK6 SSH.

These two types of steel are completely different, and they have different uses. It’s hard to single out one type because you can’t use them for the same purpose.
We sell a wide range of carbon or stainless steel knives. In our catalog you will find exactly the right tool that you can use in different sectors of industry. If you are not quite sure which steel to use in your work, contact us and we will solve your problem!