BS1FT Compact camping knife


Total length – 7.87 inches(200 mm)
Blade length – 3.74 inches(95 mm)
Handle length – 4.13 inches(105 mm)
Handle thickness – 0.66 inches (17 mm)
Blade thickness – 0,1 inches (1,9 mm)
Weight without sheath – 2.82 oz (80 grams)
Weight with sheath – 4.23 oz (120 grams)
Package: – 4.93 oz (140 grams)



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Product description

BS1FT Compact Camping Knife 

Whether you’re a camper, hunter, outdoorsman, or just someone who likes to be prepared for anything, owning a small pocket knife is an essential part of being prepared. Not all small pocket knives are created equal. Your camping knife is an essential tool when you’re out in the wild. It should be lightweight, easy to carry around, and can be used for various tasks such as cutting rope or slicing food.

Meet BS1FT by BPS Knives — the perfect all-rounder compact camping small knife strong enough for the most durable jobs.

Maximum Utility with Minimum Size

Compact camping knife BS1FT is designed with maximum utility in mind. It comes with a blade that is sharp enough to tackle any task but small enough to fit into tight spaces. This makes BS1FT small camping knife perfect for travelers and campers who want to save space in their packs but still have access to all the tools they need for their trip. 

Size and Weight 

The size and weight of your pocket knife depend on the tasks you plan on using it for and how often you plan on carrying it with you. A smaller camping knife like BS1FT is effective at completing tougher tasks like cutting rope or small branches but is still easy to carry around in your pocket or bag. 

The Versatility of BS1FT Compact Camping Knife

Compact camping knife BS1FT is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks both on-the-go or at home. Whether you’re cutting rope on your next hiking trip or opening up a package at home, these knives are up for the job! 

Plus, since it’s so small and lightweight, they’re also great for travelers who don’t want to lug around bulky tools on the road. So no matter where you’re headed next – be it on vacation or just down the street – bringing along a compact camping knife BS1FH is sure to come in handy! 

Type of Blade and Edge 

BS1FT is a fixed-blade knife whose blade cannot be folded. It offers more stability than folding knives when performing tasks like cutting rope or wood. 

Tip: After using the BS1FT camping knife, wipe the blade dry and wash it well to prevent corrosion. The knife comes with a real leather sheath with a rigid suspension. 

The grinding type – Scandinavian (Scandi) grind – makes it easy to work with wood of any level of hardness and at different temperatures. 

The Scandi Grind is a unique type of knife sharpening technique that has many benefits for its users. It offers a precise, consistent edge which allows for longer cutting with less strain on the blade and better contact with the cutting surface. 

The anti-clog grinding formation also offers protection against clogging of the cutting edge. In addition, the Scandi Grind can be used to sharpen both sides of a blade at the same time. This technique is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a precise and efficient way to keep their blades in top condition.

Compact camping knife BS1FT is made from specially treated stainless steel that can withstand harsh weather conditions without corroding or rusting. This means your compact camping knife will last longer than other knives and must only be replaced infrequently.

Handle Material and Durability 

With an ash wood handle covered with Danish oil, the handle of the BS1FT compact camping knife is waterproof and dirt resistant. Additionally, an ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable to use even after long periods of time.  

The handle is fixed with Corby fastening so it can be easily unscrewed to clean the knife. BS1FT compact knife model can be easily and quickly customized.

Small pocket knives can come in handy no matter what activities you’re doing—from camping to hunting. If you’re looking for an all-in-one tool that won’t take up too much space in your pack or weigh you down during long hikes, then a compact camping knife BS1FT is precisely what you need! 

Not only does this knife offers maximum utility with minimum size, but it’s also incredibly durable and versatile thanks to their ergonomic handle and a remarkably strong blade. 

So if you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for an easy-to-carry tool, a compact camping knife BS1FT might become your new favorite accessory!


BS1FT CSH: The blade is made of 1066 carbon steel, hardened to 57-59 HRC.

BS1FT SSH: The blade is made of 5Cr14MoV stainless steel, hardened to 56-58 HRC


  • Do not use the knife to attack or harm people or animals.
  • You must be of legal age to purchase our knives!

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